Summer Internship

Are you a young adult who would love to give back this summer by working in the city of Syracuse? We are looking for 3 college students or adults to use their excitement about Christ and their qualifications to work at our summer camp in 2018.

 Summer Servants is an overnight mission trip for teens in located in Syracuse, NY.
It aims to connect people to people, to reveal our commonalities and serve each other in our needs. We go into the heart of Syracuse and are transformed by our conversations, actions and experiences. We bring together youth groups to have a shared camp experience that will change entire perspectives on our city and personal faith.



– Each person is expected to be excited to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ, and excited to serve in specific roles which further His kingdom in the lives of teenagers.
– Each Position is a paid position.
– All positions will need to be flexible in their responsibilities and be willing help each other where needed


  1. Spiritual Minister Internship

This person will work closely with the Camp Manager to plan and run the spiritual components of camp, which include adaily devotional, morning program, prayer rituals, worship (musician or other form), and Interactive prayer or spiritual experiences.

You will also work closely with the Activities Director to run small group time each day to encourage reflection and conversation for the teens about their camp experiences.

This person should have an understanding of teenagers and their culture and experience in sharing the Christian faith with them.  You should also have great public speaking and programmatic planning skills.

  1. Activities Director Internship

This person will be in charge of choosing, planning and running ice breakers, daily group games, night programming and rec night activities. You will be upfront and expected to command the attention of large groups of teenagers. You will choose the music for free-time and games.  You will organize free time activities, run small groups each day with the Spiritual Minister Intern. You will organize and set up supplies needed for each game or fun activity.

This person should have excellent public speaking skills, experience in youth ministry, timeliness and enthusiasm.

  1. Program Tech Internship

This person will be in charge of taking photos and videos during the week, and using them to create usable products. You will be able to experience all of camp- homesite activities and worksite activities. You will be expected to visit the worksites during the day. You will have a flexible schedule, but you will need to capture beautiful moments at camp and at the worksites. You will create a sharing method so that adult leaders can share their photos with you. Each day you create photo presentations that highlight the day, or a specific worksite and set it up for viewing at appropriate times. During the week you will work to create a video. At the end of two weeks you will combine your photos and video to create a promotional video for the next summer.


Interested? Contact us for an application.