Mission and Vision


We affirm that God loves and cares for the people living in the inner-city of Syracuse and that they are a gift to all who are seeking relationships of hope, healing and renewal.  We want to change the world we live in for good by allowing God to change us, one youth, one person, one heart, one relationship at a time!  We pray to be instruments of God’s peace and work to train one another in the biblical model of servant leadership.

Summer Servants’ vision is to welcome people to:

Live together in community for a week

Participate in relationship-based and meaningful service in our urban neighborhood

Listen to people who live in urban neighborhoods share their stories of perseverance and faith

See a wide range of urban ministries that are serving Jesus in the lives of other

Reflect on what we see and experience in light of:

  1. God’s purpose and meaning in our lives
  2. The biblical commitment to the poor and vulnerable
  3. The church’s social mission

Envision specific ways that all of us can respond and stay connected and involved

Go Forth to live and act in new ways